Veincentre Ltd: London

Veincentre Ltd: London (50)
Veins clinic, South East England

Veincentre Ltd specialises solely in minimally invasive vein treatments. The Consultant Vascular Specialists at Veincentre have performed over 10,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments for varicose veins and never need to resort to surgery and general anaesthesia.

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Veincentre Ltd: London Reviews

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"Excellent " by Marc
Submitted on: 1 Feb 2017

Excellent doctor. Excellent treatment ...

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"very efficient" by Steph
Submitted on: 15 Nov 2016

Very efficient service with minimal fuss and disruption to daily life after treatment. There is some tenderness still but i have felt so
much better for undergoing the procedures. The only real disru ...

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"fantastic" by Mark
Submitted on: 1 Nov 2016

Fantastic professional treatment by top notch doctor ...

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"Fantastic service solving long term veins" by Mark therapist
Submitted on: 21 Oct 2016

Well I have to say brilliant money completely well spent not only an excellent service but also fantastic results my legs have never
looked so good have suffred with buldgy unsightly veins for years ...

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"Thank You!" by Cyndi
Submitted on: 31 Aug 2016

Dr West and his team are top notch professionals. The treatment was fully explained, was quick and fairly pain free. I wish I had done
this 15 years earlier. After 7 days I removed my surgical stock ...

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"vein treatment" by tim
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2016

I had a consistent throbbing and acheing pain in my right leg, as well as ugly blue veins in both lower legs. The pain was beinginning
to be a significant issue in my working life. I had surgery ...

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"Christine Johnson" by Cjherts
Submitted on: 11 Aug 2016

Dr Stuart and Marianne looked after me professionally but in such a friendly manner I was very quickly put at ease. I was quite nervous
about my treatment but everything was explained in depth as the ...

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"Varicose vein treatment" by Chris
Submitted on: 29 Jun 2016

I chose The Veincentre after researching their website, I was so impressed with all the information, it answered everything I needed to
know and more. From my first visit to Dr West I felt very con ...

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"Mr" by Simon
Submitted on: 10 May 2016

My symptoms are gone! The procedures were successful, and Dr West was eminently professional. While there was a certain
"business-as-usual" approach, interrupted on occasion by personal phone calls a ...

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"Better Legs" by Ash
Submitted on: 4 May 2016

The procedure for both legs only took 45 minutes and was possibly more painful / uncomfortable that i was expecting but was worth it. Dr
West was very professional and explained everything in detail. ...

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